How To Become A Male Escort In India?

A Male Escort In India

How To Become A Male Escort In India?

India is a diverse country and everything you can think and imagine happens here. Many major cities in India are hubs for businesses, technology, etc. These cities attract people from a lot of different places to have new and wonderful experiences. A lot of rich people, adventurers, and people who want to try new things come to major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. for such experiences. The days in these cities are open for all, but the nightlife is exclusive to those who are willing and daring enough. For people are alone in these cities, any human company is valuable. Thus, the system of Aerocity escorts service came up to provide quality time and pleasure to people visiting these destinations. 

Male Escort Services in India.

Escort services and call girl services are dominated by the male demand-based market, and thus the sheer majority of escorts are women. But do only men need human touch and intimacy? Do women not have their share of loneliness and desires? They have desires too, and the male escort industry in India is slowly gaining pace for this purpose. 

The male escorts and call boy services are already present in many major cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc. and slowly spreading all over the country. Delhi, the capital of India, is perhaps the best place for finding male escorts. Some of the best escort services in Delhi are Dwarka Escort, Connaught Place Escort, etc. Not only do they provide the best services from local young males, but they also have attractive men from other nations at your service. Russian escorts Delhi, Malaysian Escorts, Thai escorts, etc. are available in Delhi.

Male escorts are mostly desired by women from Rich families who have all material belongings but are struggling with their personal lives. The nature of their struggle may be sexual dissatisfaction or emotional disappointment from their partner. They will pay a good amount of money for someone who can make them feel special and happy. NRI girls and women also are seen to use the services of male escorts regularly.

Benefits of becoming Male Escorts.

  • Handsome, earning by the hour. Male escorts can earn up to INR 30,000-40,000 per day. By providing your services as escorts, you can earn in thousands by the hour. This is a lucrative job.
  • Work at your time. You can select the time you are available to provide your services. You can work in your free time, at weekends, at night, whenever you have time. But you have to stay committed to the time you have declared for your service.
  • Hook up with beautiful women. The very nature of this service asks you to interact with women and please them. This also is a significant chance for you to meet and hook up with different beautiful women and earn for it.
  • Meet with high profile people. Escorting services are not limited to giving company and pleasure to your clients. You may be also invited to accompany people into events and social gatherings. This is a great chance to meet high profile people and set up contacts with them. This may help you to improve your lifestyle.
  • Less work and more money. The money provided by being male escorts is really impressive, but more impressive is the fact that you can earn enough by working only for 3-4 days in a month. The more you work, the more you can earn. And with consistent services, you can be soon rolling in luxury.
  • Live Modern Life. With all the money and contacts with high-class people, your life is sure to get a modern touch. Your standard of living and profile will boost up from this service.

What do you need to be a male escort?

Male escorts or Gigolos need to be attractive and good-natured so that women easily pick them up and are satisfied by their services. Gigolos also provide the same services like escorts or call boys, but their service quality is better. They are fitter, more handsome, and charming as compared to the ordinary escorts. Following are the features which the hiring companies seek in interested candidates.

  • You need to be attractive. The first requirement of the job is that you should be handsome and attractive. This way you will not have a hard time finding clients.
  • You need to be well mannered. The services you provide are directly decided by your mannerism. This not only affects your future clients but also the image of the company.
  • You should be physically fit. A splendid physique and a healthy body are a must for being a male escort. You should not have any serious diseases, especially STDs. 
  • You should be presentable. By presentable, we mean you should be well dressed for the occasion. You should also take complete care of your hygiene and cleanliness.
  • It is desirable that the male escorts are not addicted to alcohol or any other drugs. Even if you consume alcohol sometimes, it is strictly prohibited to use it before giving your services. 
  • You should have good command over Hindi and English. This is a must for anyone who wants to join the male escorts and call the boys industry.

Companies Providing Such Services.

Many companies provide services for male escorts. Dwarka escorts, Connaught Place escorts are popular not only in Delhi but all over India. Many service providers are active in these areas. You can access them through their websites, telephone numbers, or other forms of advertisement. Many independent workers are also famous in these areas and they give out ads in newspapers or in pamphlets on walls. Before you contact any such company, you should first verify their claims.

This is important because not only can you be cheated in terms of money, but your personal information may also be leaked out. First, check if the companies you are contacting are genuine. Consumer feedback reports are very helpful for this purpose. Once you are confident about the service providers, you can contact them to join them or avail of their services. Also, read the privacy policies of the company to maintain the security and privacy of your life.

The process to become Male Escorts. 

  • The first step is to find a suitable company and verify its credentials. 
  • Access the website of the company and register with them as a male escort.
  • Upload your real details and excellent pictures that would be displayed on your profile.
  • Verify your details by uploading the Aadhar Card or PAN Card pictures. 
  • Pay the registration fee and become a member of the service.
  • Your clients will call you when they need your services. Attend them at the time they desire and get paid.

Alternatively, if you are contacting the company through an advertisement in the newspaper or elsewhere, follow a slightly unique method. You call the number provided and they ask you when do you want to provide your services. You give them a date and they ask you to send your details on some apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. You also send your photographs through the app. 

Then, you are given a bank account number to which you have to submit your registration fee. This fee may be anything from 2000 to 10000 INR. You are informed about the clients that require your services. They contact you and set up a meeting. 


The Male escort industry is still at an early stage in India and is growing gradually. It is a great means to earn money while giving your services to beautiful and rich women. Unlike the escort girls and call girl service, the competition from exotic foreign models is less. Even then, Russian escorts in Delhi, Thai escorts, or other Asian national girls are present in the industry.

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